Juliet Stanton
Assistant Professor, NYU Linguistics
Email: stanton [æt] nyu [dɑt] edu
CV: pdf here


Primary research interests
• Phonological typology
• Phonetics-phonology interface
• Representation and analysis of rhythmic phenomena
• Computational methods

Academic history
(2017-now) Assistant Professor of Linguistics, New York University
(2012-2017) Ph.D. in Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Specialization in Phonology & Phonetics)
(2009-2012) B.A., Indiana University (Major in Linguistics, Minor in French)

Publications (full citations in CV)
(2020) Gurindji nasal cluster dissimilation as trigger deletion. Journal of Linguistics. [prepublication pdf here]
(2019) Constraints on contrast motivate nasal cluster dissimilation. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here, appendix here]
(2019) Stress in -ative and the Role of Pre-at- Segments: Evidence from Dictionary Studies. WCCFL 36 Proceedings.
(2019) Phonetic lapse in American English -ative. Glossa.
(2018) (with Sam Zukoff) Prosodic identity in copy epenthesis: evidence for a correspondence-based approach. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [prepublication pdf here]
(2018) Environmental shielding is contrast preservation. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here]
(2017) Antipronominality and E-Type Pronouns. A pesky set: A festschrift for David Pesetsky.
(2017) Segmental blocking in dissimilation: an argument for co-occurrence constraints. AMP 2016 Proceedings. [appendix here]
(2016) Wm. G. Bennett (2015). The Phonology of Consonants: Harmony, Dissimilation, and Correspondence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xvii+394. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here]
(2016) Effects of allophonic vowel nasalization on NC clusters: a contrast-based analysis. NELS 46 Proceedings.
(2016) (with Sam Zukoff) Prosodic effects of segmental correspondence. CLS 51 Proceedings.
(2016) Learnability shapes typology: the case of the midpoint pathology. Language. [prepublication pdf here, supplementary materials here]
(2016) Predicting distributional restrictions on prenasalized stops. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [prepublication pdf here]
(2016) Wholesale Late Merger in A'-Movement: Evidence from Preposition Stranding. Linguistic Inquiry. [prepublication pdf here]
(2015) Factorial typology and accentual faithfulness. WCCFL 32 Proceedings.
(2014) A cyclic factorial typology of Pama-Nyungan stress. AMP 2013 Proceedings.

(2020) Aggressive reduplication and dissimilation in Sundanese. Resubmitted. [supplementary materials here]
(2019) (with Maria Gouskova) Learning Complex Segments. Submitted. [project page here]
(2017) Constraints on the distribution of nasal-stop sequences: an argument for contrast. Ph.D. thesis, MIT.
(2016) Latin -alis/-aris and segmental blocking in dissimilation. Ms., MIT.
(2011) A grammatical sketch of Saafi. Ms., Indiana University

Talks and posters that aren't papers yet (email me for other materials)
(2019) Suppletive allomorphy precedes phonology: Evidence from Yindjibarndi. Talk at 27mfm.
(2019) (with Donca Steriade) Markedness vs. frequency as factors in base selection: English Latinate derivatives. Poster at LSA 2019.
(2014) (with Donca Steriade) Stress windows and Base Faithfulness in English suffixal derivatives. Talk at 22mfm.

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