Juliet Stanton
Assistant Professor, NYU Linguistics
Email: stanton [æt] nyu [dɑt] edu
CV: pdf here


Primary research interests
• Phonological typology
• Phonetics-phonology interface
• Representation and analysis of rhythmic phenomena
• Computational methods

Academic history
(2017-now) Assistant Professor of Linguistics, New York University
(2012-2017) Ph.D. in Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Specialization in Phonology & Phonetics)
(2009-2012) B.A., Indiana University (Major in Linguistics, Minor in French)

Publications (full citations in CV)
(to appear) An Identity Preference in Ngbaka Vowels. AMP 2021 Proceedings. [interactive graph here]
(2021) Allomorph selection precedes phonology: Evidence from Yindjibarndi. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [prepublication pdf here]
(2021) (with Maria Gouskova) Learning Complex Segments. Language. [prepublication pdf here] [project page here]
(2020) Aggressive reduplication and dissimilation in Sundanese. Phonological Data and Analysis. [supplementary materials here]
(2020) Gurindji nasal cluster dissimilation as trigger deletion. Journal of Linguistics. [prepublication pdf here]
(2019) Constraints on contrast motivate nasal cluster dissimilation. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here, appendix here]
(2019) Stress in -ative and the Role of Pre-at- Segments: Evidence from Dictionary Studies. WCCFL 36 Proceedings.
(2019) Phonetic lapse in American English -ative. Glossa.
(2018) (with Sam Zukoff) Prosodic identity in copy epenthesis: evidence for a correspondence-based approach. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [prepublication pdf here]
(2018) Environmental shielding is contrast preservation. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here]
(2017) Antipronominality and E-Type Pronouns. A pesky set: A festschrift for David Pesetsky.
(2017) Segmental blocking in dissimilation: an argument for co-occurrence constraints. AMP 2016 Proceedings. [appendix here]
(2016) Wm. G. Bennett (2015). The Phonology of Consonants: Harmony, Dissimilation, and Correspondence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xvii+394. Phonology. [prepublication pdf here]
(2016) Effects of allophonic vowel nasalization on NC clusters: a contrast-based analysis. NELS 46 Proceedings.
(2016) (with Sam Zukoff) Prosodic effects of segmental correspondence. CLS 51 Proceedings.
(2016) Learnability shapes typology: the case of the midpoint pathology. Language. [prepublication pdf here, supplementary materials here]
(2016) Predicting distributional restrictions on prenasalized stops. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. [prepublication pdf here]
(2016) Wholesale Late Merger in A'-Movement: Evidence from Preposition Stranding. Linguistic Inquiry. [prepublication pdf here]
(2015) Factorial typology and accentual faithfulness. WCCFL 32 Proceedings.
(2014) A cyclic factorial typology of Pama-Nyungan stress. AMP 2013 Proceedings.

(2022) (with John F. Stanton) In Defense of O/E. Submitted.
(2021) Phonetic rhythm in American English -ization. Submitted.
(2017) Constraints on the distribution of nasal-stop sequences: an argument for contrast. Ph.D. thesis, MIT.
(2016) Latin -alis/-aris and segmental blocking in dissimilation. Ms.
(2011) A grammatical sketch of Saafi. Ms.

Talks and posters that aren't papers yet (email me for other materials)
(2022) Post-nasal devoicing as contrast enhancement. Talk at WCCFL 40.
(2021) (with Sam Zukoff) Emergence of the unmarked in Scottish Gaelic copy epenthesis. Talk at Epenthesis and Beyond.
(2021) (with Donca Steriade) Markedness drives base selection: experimental evidence for the pseudo-cycle. Talk at 28mfm.
(2020) (with Donca Steriade) Productive pseudo-cyclicity and its significance. Talk at LabPhon 17.
(2019) (with Donca Steriade) Markedness vs. frequency as factors in base selection: English Latinate derivatives. Poster at LSA 2019.
(2014) (with Donca Steriade) Stress windows and Base Faithfulness in English suffixal derivatives. Talk at 22mfm.

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